Dealing with a vast number of similar projects has led to developing company guidelines, templates and procedures. Quality procedures will be followed ensuring that the project will be designed to the highest quality standards and with the client’s needs in mind. We are fully aware of the departmental technical guidance documents and some of the individuals on the project team have been asked for their opinions by the department’s senior engineers with a view to improving and future proofing these guidelines.

Some of the company’s principles for ensuring quality are:

  • Each project will be resourced as required to ensure swift progress throughout the design and construction phase.
  • Tender documents shall be completed in every detail before they are issued to the tendering contractors in order to avoid delays and compensation events later in the project.
  • Regular site inspections shall be carried out to monitor the quality of the installation.
  • Client’s issues are dealt with immediately.
  • The importance of the highest quality installation will be communicated to the contractor during the construction startup meeting.
  • The contractors programme will be reviewed regularly to ensure the tight programme is met.
  • Cost control will be rigorously enforced with the contractor
  • Fortnightly site meetings are anticipated where the client, the contractor or the engineer can raise any significant issues. The main discussion points will be health & safety, programme, cost control and any clarifications regarding technical issues.